Finance Management is one of the most critical management function in any organization to stimulate and sustain business growth.

Lot of companies end up in big financial liabilities due to wrong diversification and investment strategies. Needless to mention, proper finance management requires the expertise of professionals like Chartered Accountants.

Finance management involves strategic planning that drives the business while Accounting is mainly the recording of history transaction data. Most of the companies in the SME and lower segments are not in a position to afford the services of a professional financial officer to support their financial functions, even if they wanted to and confine to only to accounting functions.

CFO service will generate a budget and financial projections to give you and your board the best financial information possible to make strategic decisions about your company's future as well as the toolset to hold your team accountable for hitting your goals.

The scope of CFO services covers all normal functions of CFO that include:

- Overall supervision of the accounting functions
- Working Capital management
- Evaluation of new business opportunities and diversification plans
- Financial planning and related strategies

The CFO service can also offer the following additional services such as:

- Evaluating and restructuring business policies and processes to achieve optimum performance
- Evaluating organization manpower and proper assigning of roles and responsibilities
- Recruitment of key positions in the organization
- Introduction of structured and professional management functioning with appropriate MIS flow

AMAJ Approach

AMAJ will assign a senior Chartered Accountant with in depth experience in multiple industry domains as part time CFO for the client on a retainership basis. He will act as a key member of the management team and get involved in all strategic decisions of the company as an acting CFO.