UAE has implemented VAT effective from 1st January 2018

and FTA has released strict compliance guidelines for the same with heavy penalty clauses for any violations.

Even though taxation is introduced in UAE for the first time, AMAJ team has more than 3 decades of experience in direct and indirect taxation domain and are highly capable to manage the complete VAT compliance of clients in UAE.

The dedicated Indirect tax practice within Amaj Dubai offers to our clients a wide range of VAT consulting and VAT compliance services.

The VAT compliance services can include:

- VAT Registration
- VAT Return data compiling and filing
- VAT data compliance audit and document management
- VAT related book keeping service

AMAJ Approach

AMAJ will enter into a Service Level Agreement on a retainership basis for the VAT compliance of the client as per scope of service required. AMAJ consultant will then take the ownership of the VAT compliance and take care of every needful in this regard.