Proper accounting system is the backbone for every organization.

Unprofessional accounting can lead to messing up of receivables, payables, bank transactions, inventory costing etc. which will give misleading information to the management.

Also, lots of small scale organizations run the risk of having their entire accounting and cash management confining to one or two single individuals, making them indispensable and exposing to possible fund manipulations.

AMAJ is equiped to handle all aspects of book-keeping and accounting, providing quality end to end accounting services.

A service that provides a full accounting department experience. This usually comprises everything from the day to day transaction accounts recievable, accounts payable, payroll and taxation to managing financial reporting.

AMAJ offers highly professional accounting service to clients who get the following benefits:

- Savings in the range of 30-40% in accounts administration costs
- Savings in investments in accounting software
- Highly professional accounting service under direct supervision of senior Chartered Accountants
- Timely completion of accounting and delivery of MIS reports
- Non-dependability on individuals and ensuring continuity of services
- Enhanced controls in cash management
- Onsite or offsite accounting as per client requirement and convenience

AMAJ also undertakes one-time services such as accounts set up, Chart of accounts creations, designing of MIS reports etc. as required.

AMAJ Approach

AMAJ team will conduct an initial study on the existing accounting function and submit a scope document to the client that will clearly define the lists of tasks, onsite/offsite involvements, modality of operations, systems to be used, MIS reports and delivery time lines etc. On approval of the scope document, AMAJ will enter into a Service Level Agreement with client and kick start the work.