ERP implementation is very crucial project for every organization that involves huge capital investment and time and energy of the resources.

Success of ERP implementation depends on several factors that include properly defining business requirements, identifying a suitable ERP application, proper mapping of business processes to ERP, customization of processes, MIS configurations, setting up the right integration configurations across multiple business modules, history data migration, training, parallel run and final roll out. Failure in any area above can lead to a failure in the ERP implementation where the organization will not get the intended results.

As a matter of fact, many organizations fail to achieve full benefit of ERP implementations due to lack of knowledge and awareness in the domain and blindly jump into the ERP project burning their fingers. It is always recommended to avail the service of a third-party ERP expert between the client and ERP vendor to manage the project from the client side to ensure successful roll out by the ERP vendor ensuring that all deliverables are done properly.

ERP consulting consists of the service provided for selection, implementation, training, support and guidance of an Enterprise Resource planning system.

AMAJ ERP expert has more than two decades of hands on ERP consulting, implementation and project management experience across multiple industry verticals. AMAJ can help companies in every aspect of ERP implementation project to ensure successful roll out.